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IFON in Scotland is proud to present IFON Legal Xtra providing expert legal assistance to you and your family members. IFON strives to ensure it serves its members as comprehensively as possible at all times.

In addition to assistance with employment issues your union now offers a variety of legal benefits.

By making full use of these legal benefits you will ensure you and your family have access to expert legal advisors whilst saving money.

To register your personal injury claim, sign up for a free Will or request any other legal assistance call 0333 321 7929 or e-mail ifon@newlaw-scotland.co.uk

Personal Injury Service

Our specialist personal injury law firm will represent you free of charge in respect of any accident you have been involved in. This includes but is not limited to accidents at work, road traffic accidents, trips and slips and accidents on holiday. With IFON Legal Xtra you keep 100% of any compensation recovered.

Family Accident Service

With your legal benefits your family members are entitled to specialist legal advice if they have been involved in any accident. Your family members can take advantage of your membership to ensure they obtain expert advice and 100% compensation.

Free Will

As part of your union membership you are entitled to a free basic Will. You will be referred to an expert legal firm who will draft a Will for you and provide discounted rates for family members.

Discounted Rates for Executry and Estate Planning

Your legal benefits entitle you and your family to discounted rates on a variety of private client services from a specialist law firm including executry work, estate planning, mortgage discharges, powers of attorney and care home cost planning.

Notary Public

You are entitled to free access to a Notary Public. If you need any document notarised this can be arranged through IFON Legal Xtra which will save you the cost of visiting a high street firm.

Debt Advice If you are struggling to get out of debt you can ask IFON Legal Xtra to refer you for a free debt consultation and advice from a leading debt management firm to help ease your financial worries.

Discounted Rates for Criminal Law Advice

If you need legal advice in relation to criminal law issues IFON Legal Xtra will refer you to an expert legal advisor and with your membership you will get discounted rates on any legal assistance.

Discounted Rates for Conveyancing

If you are buying or selling a home IFON Legal Xtra will make sure you receive the best legal advice at a discounted rate to take the stress out of moving house.
To register your personal injury claim, sign up for a free Will or request any other legal assistance from experienced advisers call 0333 321 7929 or e-mail ifon@newlaw-scotland.co.uk

For any employment advice or workplace issues contact IFON directly on 0141 772 9222 ifonscotland@outlook.com