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It’s that time of year again when we will return to visit the beautiful country of Caledonia, with its stunning landscapes, scenery and unique culture ……………… Its people passionate and caring about their heritage, always mindful of the importance of caring for each other and ensuring services exist to meet the needs of all of Caledonia’s people.

King Alenon continues to rule the Kingdom mindful, not only of his people’s needs, but glad for the wisdom and counsel of his trusted magician Magnolia, whose ageing has provided more insight and trusted judgement on matters of great importance. Albeit Magnolia’s mind remains sharp, he is less agile than before, but the need for speedy ingathering of information, Magnolia is content to empower his apprentice Salamanca.

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Christine Mullen worked as a care assistant with the former Strathclyde Regional Council.

Her battle for justice has seen her record five previous instalments of her journey in Nursing Scotland. This is her sixth report.
Another year gone and I Another year gone and I Another year gone and I Another year gone and I Another year gone and I Another year gone and I fight onfight onfight on fight on.

Hi to all in Independent Federation of Nursing.
Thank you for the continuing support. It does mean so much to me, and is therapeutic when the going gets tough, as it did again this year dealing with Westminster Parliament.

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Christmas Message to Nurses

What would we do without Christmas?

For all the grumbles about commercialisation and forced merriment, the season of Christmas brings to most of our minds fond memories of being with loved ones, sharing gifts and relaxing.

For some people though, the contrast between how Christmas “should” be and how it is actually lived is great. The recently bereaved, those fighting serious illness or loved ones unable to be together can all find Christmas a painful time.

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A message from : – Rt. Rev Dr Derek Browning, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

There was a time when, if you were a boy or a man, most of your Christmas presents seemed to consist of slippers and socks. It’s what you gave to people you didn’t know what to get. Not bad gifts; helpful gifts; but maybe lacking that extra-special pizazz that you might have been hoping for. Apologies to anyone who is planning to give slippers and socks this Christmas!

Maybe they’re not such bad things after all. One Bible reading often used at Christmas tells us: “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good tiding, who publishes peace, who brings good tidings of good.” Whose feet were these?

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The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice at Carlton Place, Glasgow, is a charity, founded in 1980.

We provide free person-centred and family-focused palliative care and support. Our specialist staff and wonderful volunteers are trained to work with those individuals and families who are living with significant challenges to their health and wellbeing.  The hospice depends on the generosity of supporters and the community to raise the £3.1million annually in voluntary donations that is required to maintain our invaluable services for the people of Glasgow.

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